Civil Litigation

ADLRO– The Administrative Driver’s License Revocation Office (ADLRO) is the Civil Administrative agency that conducts reviews and hearings regarding the administrative revocation of driving privileges of all respondents arrested in the state of Hawaiʻi for operating a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant (OVUII) and habitual OVUII (or DUI). The ADLRO process begins as soon as you are arrested and a revocation of your license can become effective as quickly as 30 days from the date of your arrest. You may be eligible to continue to drive during your revocation period with the installation of an Ignition interlock device.

Restricted License– If you had a valid license that you are unable to renew because of outstanding fines you may be eligible to apply for a restricted license. This would allow you to drive while making payments towards your outstanding fines.

Lifetime Revocations– If your license has been revoked for life or for any period of time by the ADLRO you may be eligible to Petition the Courts to get your Instructional Permit and then your Driver’s License with an Ignition Interlock Device. After driving for 5 continuous years with the Ignition Interlock Device and no violations you could then potentially get your driving privileges fully instated.

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